Individual e-Therapy

Online therapy (also called e-Therapy or teletherapy) works exactly the same as in-person therapy, with the only difference being the location. For online therapy, we'll meet virtually in a browser rather than in a physical location.

Energy is so important for therapy (and life!), so meetings are designed to be a way to "see" each other as much as possible despite meeting virtually. For this reason, the best way to connect is via video.

After you schedule a meeting you'll receive and automatic email with a link at the bottom. At the time of your appointment click that link and you'll go to a Google Meet room for video conferencing. The video works through the browser so there is nothing to download. All you have to is click "join meeting" to begin. You can click the link ahead of time to see what it looks like. The room will be empty if you go early; each appointment creates a new room.

On the practical side of things: make sure your video and audio are fully functioning beforehand. Be aware of how this will affect your data plan and costs. If it's possible to be on a strong wifi signal, that is the best option. Try to be as close to your router as possible and close background applications, if you want a less choppy meeting. Also try to be fully charged and/or have your charger handy.

The only difference is the location. For in-person therapy you would travel to a specific physical location whereas for online therapy you meet virtually in a browser.

All of the services I offer are designed to improve your overall mental health.

Imagine going to a restaurant and saying, "Hey, if I ate your burger, will I be less hungry? Will I enjoy it?"

Occasionally I will see adolescents (ages 14 and older), but they must initiate services. The only interaction with guardians is regarding payment.

For the first two years of my career, I worked with children and adolescents only. I found that in most cases they did not want therapy; they were talked into doing therapy or otherwise required to do therapy by their parents, school, or some other external force.

Forced therapy does not work, because success in therapy depends on personal motivation and serious effort.

No, I only see individuals.

It is up to you where you are and what you are doing during our meeting (as long as you are not violating the Premature Discharge Criteria).

I recommend that you find a quiet and private location so as to protect your information, but if you don't care about being distracted or overheard during your session that is totally fine.

I also recommend that you are as close to your router as possible unless privacy won't allow for that and/or you are okay with having a choppy meeting.

At this time I don't offer couples counseling or group therapy.

Since you've agreed to do Individual Therapy, it is not acceptable to bring a sibling, spounse, friend, your children, or anyone else into the meeting.


A "clinical hour" is 53 minutes. I really need the 7 minutes in between meetings in order to refill my water and empty my bladder (not to mention paperwork/claims).

I usually remind you when we are in the last few minutes of our meetings in order for us to jot down some final thoughts. This is a cue that we need to start winding down. Thanks for respect this.

If you made an account, you can log in to see a list of your appointments. Just click on the appointment and choose whether to cancel or re-schedule.

Be aware that I have a 48 hour cancellation policy, and if you cancel or re-schedule with less than 48-hours notice then you'll have to pay the invoice for that appointment in order to re-schedule.

The Attendence Policy is no joke. I can't have anyone on my case load who takes slots and doesn't use them or pay for them. It's a 48 hour policy and it's my full fee (no help from insurance since no treatment was rendered). That said, if you cancel within 48 hours and you pay the fee, that's 100% acceptable. There is no limit to how many times you can cancel as long as you respect the business and my other clients by purchasing slots. I honor the attendece policy as well and I've given clients free sessions when I canceled within 48 hours.

As often as you'd like. There is no wrong way to move forward. Some people schedule one at a time. Some people set up a routine. Some people do bursts of 3 or 4 and then take a few months to think about things and then come back for another burst. Make it work however you want to.

If you're unsure of how to start, try scheduling weekly or every-other-week. Once a week is a sprint. Every-other-week is a brisk jog. Either way, we'll get somewhere. And once we get some momentum, it'll probably be appropriate to slow down.

The online scheduling system allows you decide what works for you. If you'd rather schedule at the end of meetings, let me know. And if you want to reserve a particular day and time, email me.

You can definitely set up a routine. And the more into the future you look, the more openings there are. So feel free to reserve your preferred spots for weeks/months in advance. The scheduling system allows you to stay two months ahead. The people who find a slot they love will usually keep it locked down by scheduling ahead of time.

The calendar requires that you pre-pay for sessions. If you want to reserve a spot, but don't want to pay immediately for all of them, let me know. I will remove that time slot for you, and at the end of our meetings, I will add the that time for next week so that it's available for you to select and pre-pay.

Remember, it's first come first serve. Get the spots you want ahead of time or they might be taken.

If you made an account, you can log in to see a list of your appointments. Just click on the appointment and choose whether to cancel or re-schedule.

If you didn't make an account, you'll have to contact me to cancel or re-schedule.

Be aware that I have a 48 hour cancellation policy, and if you cancel or re-schedule with less than 48-hours notice then you'll have to pay the invoice for that appointment in order to re-schedule.

Definitely. Just let me know and I'll remove everything that's currently scheduled and you can start over.


Contact me for the current rate. I offer sliding scale.

The initial consult costs $60. Payment is due immediately in order for you to schedule. The cost after the initial meeting will depend on whether you're paying by insurance or out-of-pocket. During the first meeting, continuing payment arrangements will be agreed.

Your invoice will be due at the time when you schedule. You must pay immediately to hold your time slot. This is mostly to make sure you're a real person who genuinely plans on attending instead of someone who just feels like messing with online calendars.

If you have an upaid balance then I won't join the meeting and you won't be able to re-schedule for another meeting until the your balance is paid.

The short answer: it depends. There are many different types of managed care plans (HMO, PPO, POS, etc.). Give me your card details during the first session, and I will make a call to your insurance company to see what is covered for you.

If you want to pay via insurance, the first session's cost can be applied towards future payments. For example, if your insurance only requires a $20 co-pay, then you won't have to pay anything until the 4th session since you already gave me $60 for the first meeting.

I am in the process of getting approved on insurance networks, so I may not be an in-network provider currently. I will still accept payment as if I were an in-network provider while I attempt to get on your network.

Note: I can only become an in-network provider for Pennsylvania residents. Even If I cannot become an in-network provider, you can submit claims yourself to your insurance company for seeing an out-of-network provider. Depending on your insurance, you may be reimbursed for some or all of the cost.

Payment is due immediately when you schedule.

The payment is through Square. When you schedule you'll be asked to complete your transaction via credit or debit card. You can also save your card so that it is more seamless for the next time.


You technically don't have to create an account but it's much better if you do. An account lets you access the appointments that you've already made. If you book an appointment without putting it into an account, the appointment will still be valid and you'll still get the reminder email and confirmation email, but you won't be able to log in later and see the appointment details, reschedule, cancel, etc. If you know you've made an appointment but then you can't see it later when you log in, it's because you weren't logged in when you booked it and so it wasn't added into your account. Just email me and I can sync it up.

There's a button to create your account after you book the appointment. If you missed that button, just email me and I'll send you the link where you can create your account/password.

Once you have an account, please always try and log in as your first step so that all appointments are entered into your account so that you can conveniently see them all in the future.

I'm a licensed professional counselor located in central Pennsylvania, USA.

I hold two master's degrees in psychology — an M.S. in psychological science from Shippensburg University and an M.A. in clinical psychology from Pennsylvania State University. I've been in professional practice for six years now. Along the way I have accumulated a wide rage of knowledge and experience in working with many people in varying stages of life and degrees of need.

My policies are (online) as well as in (PDF).