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Hey there! Welcome.

I am genuinely excited that you are here right now, which is the next step towards your well-being. Taking a step into the unknown is daunting but also rewarding. Everyone is on a journey towards somewhere, although we might end up someplace unexpected along the way. And that's okay! Getting to know yourself can help you to make your life what it is supposed to be.

I'm a licensed professional counselor. I hold two master's degrees in psychology—an M.S. in psychological science and an M.A. in clinical psychology, and I've been in professional practice for six years now. Along the way I have accumulated a wide range of knowledge and experience in working with many people in varying stages of life and degrees of need.

I'm honored to be part of your journey and to witness your personal growth. There's no time like the present to start living your best life. Wouldn't you agree? Let's get started!

- Chris
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What to expect in therapy:

Starting therapy is an important decision; it can be one of the most important experiences in one's life, but it can also feel scary to start with a new therapist, especially if you've never had therapy or if you've had bad experiences with prior therapists.

What do people do in therapy? Most of the time we talk about your particular concerns, reasons for seeking treatment, and your goals. We will attempt to identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and potential approaches which may be useful in your positive growth.

The cool part of therapy is that you are in total control (but that's also the hard part!). People can use sessions to meditate, cry, talk about past traumas, chit-chat...and sometimes people have no idea what to talk about. That's okay!

I enjoy the depth, creativity, and inspiration that you bring. My job is to be present and to be aware; I will listen and at times provide you with my observations and suggestions, if you want them.

Common Concerns

Am I crazy for needing therapy? Am I weak?

Everyone has areas for improvement. The willingness to seek out professional guidance reflects courage, an ability to grow, the readiness for change, and an openness to be more conscious about one's self. Self-improvement makes the world a better place. You are doing the world a favor and I'm honored to be a part of it.

I'm hesitant about this whole process; I don't need some "expert" judging me, analyzing everything about me, and telling me all of what's wrong with me and what I have to do.

I will never judge you as a person, and it's not my place to tell you what to do. I use my professional training and experience to help people discover who they truly are and how they can live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. I can offer suggestions and we can brainstorm options, but you are free to agree or disagree with any suggestion. Therapy is not about focusing on negatives; we will explore the strengths and positive qualities that you already possess to see how you can take better advantage of them.

There are some things bothering me which I have never shared with anyone, and I don't want anyone else to know about these things.

Often people seek therapy because they have been betrayed by others in the past. That can make it hard to trust again. Trust is so important in all relationships, including the confidential relationship between you and your therapist. But I don't expect you to trust me from Day One; I know I have to earn your trust. As you become more comfortable with the process, it will become easier to consider opening up.

The things that are bothering me happened in the past and are over and done with. Shouldn't I just let it go and move on? Talking about the past events will only stir up pain, and won't change what happened, so what's the point?

It is true that we can't go back and change what happened in the past. The present is the only thing we have control over—that's why my therapy is called "Everything is Now." Often, though, the past continues to have an influence in the present because things that happened long ago are still bothering us. Until we find closure, those past experiences can remain open and raw in our feelings and thoughts. That's when it's important to revisit those past experiences to see what is unhealed.

I don't think my [insert problem here] can ever change. Why should I bother wasting time and money on counseling?

Often people can get "stuck" in a particular situation or problem, especially when that problem has been going on for a long time or feels permanent. Even though feeling hopeless is a valid emotion in the moment, that doesn't mean it reflects the truth or what will happen in the future. We cannot control other people or what life throws at us, but we can still take healthy decisions that make a powerful and positive difference in our lives.

I have other concerns.

There are more answers to common questions here. Also, you can email me.

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